passion flower

"The Passion Flower has a brilliant multicolored bloom. In addition to its beauty, its known medicinal uses include treatment for nervousness and sleeplessness.  Its main chemical markers are considered to be flavone-di-C- glycosides such as schaftoside, vitexin, and isoorientin"

The Passion Flower grows in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, a perfect choice for our company icon.

Passion also describes our approach to business. Our first goal is to meet the analytical testing needs of our clients. Our second goal is to offer resourceful answers to our clients' questions or concerns. We strive to achieve these goals at a reasonable price and in a timely manner.


Piedmont Analytical Corporation

New Policies as of June 2012:

Multivitamin Dietary Supplement SRM (Standard Reference Material):

Piedmont Analytical has purchased this SRM from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  Further information regarding this SRM can be found here.
Our policy is to offer to analyze this reference material with requested analysis  as a reference control.  Please indicate in the special instructions section of the analysis request forms if this SRM is to be run with your sample(s).   The vitamins that are included in the SRM are alpha Tocopherol, Ascorbic acid, Thiamine HCl, Riboflavin, Niacinamide, Pantothenic acid, Pyridoxine  HCl, Folic Acid, Cyanocobalamin, Biotin, Ergocalciferol, Phylloquinone, beta Carotene, Retinol, and Lutein.  The reference level of each can be found here.  

Menaquinones (MK4 /MK7) (Vitamin K2) are not included in the SRM but Vitamin K1 is included.   Our analyses are able to extract any of the vitamin K forms out of a variety of matrices.

Qualify PAC:

We understand that Piedmont Analytical Corporation may need to be Qualified.  We offer these options:

1) Analysis the SRM with your sample.
2) Providing spreadsheet data, chromatograms (sample and standards), and/or UV-Vis spectra of the standards ({0.2-1.0 Abs}  {190nm-1000nm}) for an additional fee of $50 per method.
3) Free Analysis of two blind / unspecified samples per year per company for only two analytes each.  This offer is for only four compounds/sample  or one compound /four samples or 2 samples with two compounds each per year.

Sample Analysis:

Please download one of the three Request Forms.  For the MS Word or Word Perfect forms, either fill in the information electronically or print them.   For the Adobe PDF form, please print it out and write in the requested information.   Please indicate the desired analyte(s) and if possible their expected concentration.  Normal analysis turn around is now between 5 -10 working days.  We will try to honor our past normal analysis turn around time of 5 working days.  However, we have been busier.  RUSH analysis turn around is now between 3-5 working days with a 50% surcharge.  Again, we will try to honor our past policy of providing RUSH results in 2-3 working days.  Rush analysis requires fax/phone/email contact and a tracking number(s).  To ensure faster service to our clients, we prefer to be notified by fax, phone, or email the tracking number(s) for ALL sample(s) sent to Piedmont Analytical Corporation. 

Please inform us if spreadsheet data, calibration curves, chromatograms of the standards and samples are desired by filling in the relevant information on the Analysis Request Forms.  If this is a blind / qualifying PAC sample, indicate in the Special Instructions on the Analysis Request Form and indicated just the analytes desired.  We do make duplicate sample preparations; please indicate on the analysis form if the average result, all the individuals results, and/or sample variation are desired.

The required information and amount needed for sample analysis depends upon:
How much is needed to run the analysis?   How much is needed to ensure a homogenous sample?  Was the sample taken from a well mixed portion?
Usually 10 grams is needed, more if analyte is a trace quantity.
How complex is the sample matrix? 
If the matrix is complex (e.g. functional food product), additional sample preparation step(s); Solid phase extraction (SPE), may be required (additional charges) and/or blank sample matrix may also be needed to be sent with the sample(s).
For raw materials, please describe the source of sample (plant roots, seeds, bacterial fermentation, etc. ).  A response like "from the manufacturer" is not helpful.
For finished products, please describe any encapsulation technologies used to make the product (gelatin, alginate, etc.) and have product label information included.  These parameters include: lot number, expiration date, active ingredients, herbs, excipients and their expected levels if known.

If the product label is not available, please list/describe excipients and other ingredients in the sample / product.  Without knowing all the ingredients, the analyses can be compromised or delayed.  For example, Vitamin D3 in complex matrices has to analyzed differently than when Vitamin D3 is the sole active ingredient in a dosage form.  If a nondisclosure agreement is needed to obtain this information, we will be pleased to sign one.

If the product is a capsule, tablet, and/or caplet, at least 25 of these dosage forms are needed.
If the sample is plant matter, 20 grams are needed
If the sample is a liquid, 50 milliliters are needed.

Payment Information:

PAC now offer two payments options - ACH (Automatic Clearing House) and checks.  Payment is due within 30 days after the invoice has been sent unless prior arrangements have been made.   For ACH payments - please contact us for the necessary forms.  If payment is by check then make payable to Piedmont Analytical Corporation.   Submittals made by Foreign countries/companies require full payment on a US bank check before analysis begins.  Canadian companies are exempt from this policy and are treated as US companies but payment is expected in US dollars.  New clients are requested to contact us regarding desired analyses and submit with their analyses requests a check.  Piedmont Analytical Corporation will hold (not deposit) this new client check(s) until the report is issued to the client for the analyses in question.

Privacy Issues:

Piedmont Analytical Corporation does not sell or release any of our clients' testing results.  All results whose samples were sent by said company and/or individual(s) will be kept confidential unless a written authorization was provided to release the results to a third party.  If under court order, Piedmont Analytical Corporation will release the results to the parties stated on the order.  Piedmont Analytical Corporation website contains links to other sites.  We have no control over such external sites(s).  We provided those link(s) as a potential help to our customers.

Holiday Schedule / Deliveries:

Piedmont Analytical Corporation is closed for major US holidays and for one week in the spring and one week in the summer.  Please see our Contact and Calendar page for actual dates.  With advanced notification, we will gladly accept deliveries of samples through FedEx, UPS, etc. during these times.   If any Rush/Normal  Analyses are needed during these times, please contact us to ensure we will be able to complete the testing.   Also, we will respond to questions and/or concerns as soon as possible during these holidays.